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Is pain, injury limiting your involvement in sport activities? Does it stop you from working? Does it make it harder to look after your children, take your dog for a walk, or do the gardening? You need help to recover faster NOW!

By calling the A+ Physio Team you can expect magical hands on treatments to help decrease your pain, ease those tight muscles and improve your range of movement.  We offer specialized exercise programs (example) to improve your strength, balance and function which will maintain these results long term. A+ Physio has the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure the best quality physio services available. You can be assured of a professional and respectful service at all times.


Healthy Movement Day 2016

Free event on Wednesday 8th of June, 1pm-7pm at the A+ Physio clinic in Moana Pool in association with Moana Gym.

Healthy Day Poster 2016




Personalised exercise program

We are pleased to announce, that we signed up to a brilliant personalised excercise program for your benefit.

From now on your exercises  can be emailed to you with photos/pictures/video and description or printed for you to take home, to the pool or to the gym.

Clients who already received their exercise program this way found it extremely helpful, it increased their compliance and helped them to achieve the desired results much faster.

Ask your physiotherapist next time you come in or email us for more information! Read more… 0 comments