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High Ankle Sprain

High Ankle Sprain

HIGH ANKLE SPRAIN WHAT IS IT? The ankle consists of three bones, the tibia, fibula and talus, all held together by thick fibrous ligaments. At the bottom of the leg they form a mortise or hinge joint with the foot.…

Growing pains

ARE GROWING PAINS A REAL THING? The short answer is that yes, growing pains are real and usually harmless part of childhood. Though poorly understood, they are recognized as a common phenomenon occurring most often between the ages of 3…

Focus on Cauda Equina Syndrome

WHAT IS CAUDA EQUINA SYNDROME? Cauda equina syndrome is a rare condition that you may not have heard of, however it can have catastrophic consequences if it is not recognized and treated quickly. This condition occurs in about two percent…

Are Trigger Points Causing Your Pain?

From injuries and trauma to prolonged muscle contractions and excessive loads, there are many factors that may cause trigger points. Inflammation, stress, nutritional deficiencies and prolonged sitting may also contribute to the formation of these painful areas. Muscular overload is generally thought to be the primary cause of trigger points. For this reason, you might notice trigger points after starting a new activity or training program.