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Our “Happy Place” Guarantee explained

We love our jobs and couldn’t imagine doing anything more satisfying, than helping people to reach their maximum potential.

We thrive on challenges, and aim to draw on the expertise not only of our team members but also if necessary the best rated of our fellow professionals within Dunedin to get you the best outcome. We are only happy if you are happy, so…

We guarantee our services in two unique ways:

First: We only charge you if we believe we can help you.

Second: If for any reason you were not happy with the service received you not only get your full payment refunded, but will get a FREE movie pass as well, giving you a chance to relax, switch off and find your next happy place.

Now you see there is only one way to miss out and that is not to give us a call!

0508 PHYSIO (0508 749746)


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