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Voice Physiotherapy

What is voice physiotherapy?

Voice physiotherapy is a specialized form of therapy that involves treating the structures that are responsible for vocal production. It is a detailed and holistic assessment and management of the vocal mechanism that is individualized to the specific vocal demands of each individual. In order for us to produce voice, we not only need the vocal folds in the larynx to vibrate efficiently but we also need the coordination of other structures that is responsible for breath, posture, articulation and resonance to function efficiently as well. Deficits or dysfunction in any of these structures can affect the efficiency of the vocal mechanism which will influence vocal performance and can lead to vocal disorders.


Who is voice physiotherapy for?

Voice physiotherapy is suitable for anyone who uses their voice a lot. These includes, but not restricted to; singers and performers, professional and amateur voice users such as teachers, lecturers, receptionists and public speakers. It is also suitable for anyone with neck, shoulder, jaw and throat tension during singing or speaking.

Voice physiotherapy is a multidisciplinary approach and often requires input from other voice professionals such as speech language therapists and ear, nose and throat specialist (ENTs). If you have any questions or am unsure about voice physiotherapy, please contact our Performance Voice Physiotherapist Ez at ez@aplusphysio.co.nz  Or complete the form on the right and Ez will be in touch.


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