A+ Physio


I was on the lengthy waiting list for knee replacement due to severe pain. Was only leaving the house only 1x a week when I really had to. On my neighbours recommendation I went to see the girls at Macandrew Bay and they did real wonders. With massage and exercises to do at the pool and at home my legs came alive again. I’m out on half hour walks each day and enjoy camping again. Oh and no surgery for me thank you!
(Shirley T., Portobello)
One day I was curled up in the bus stop with really bad back pain as Anna walked passed and asked if she could help. I told her my back has been so sore for years and that no- one and nothing could help. She offered me a trial treatment session at their clinic and I couldn’t believe the change. I had 3 sessions each of physiotherapy (with Thomas) and Qigong massage (with Angela- yes with the magic hand!) and I feel like I’m kind of re-born. Manage all the jobs around the house again, feel a lot happier and alive and going out a lot more. Oh- and I am passed 80!
M.H (South Dunedin)
I was just about to pull out of the half marathon I’ve been training so hard for due to worsening knee pain when my friend at Uni recommended me to see the team at A+ Physio. They identified muscle imbalance, gave my leg a great massage to ease the tight bits and put me on an exercise program to strengthen some parts and stretch others. All exercises were emailed to me with photos and videos so was really easy to do them right. Thanks to the team I’m not only running long distances pain free again, but can go faster than before.
James E., NEV