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Zero surcharge appointments

Clients on certain contracts do not have to pay any surcharges:

  • Anna is a key worker for ACC Pain Management Contracts addressing chronic pain following injuries
  • Our Team team also works under Stay at Work and Back to Work contracts

Let us know if you have any questions regarding these contracts. ( A super- brief guideline – Chronic pain program is aimed at those where pain persists and is the key complaint minimum of 3 months after injury; Work related contracts are for those who are off work and receiving weekly compensation )

Service Cost Student Consultant Physio
ACC Surcharges $38 $33 $56
Private Treatment $85 $65 $105
Home Visit Fee $30

Appointments are up to 45 minutes long including administrative time.

Late Cancellation & No Show fee                     $25

As we have other clients that are wishing to see us also, we would please ask that you give at least 12 hours’ notice if you cannot attend your appointment. If you fail to attend then we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee, so please let us know if you cannot make your appointment.

Administration Fee                                             $30

For additional administration for example a re-activation of an ACC Claim or Specialist Referral, we reserve the right to charge to charge an administration fee.


We appreciate your payment on the day, an additional administration fee of $5 per invoice will apply for appointment charges not paid at the time of the treatment. A further $5 per week late payment fee will apply to any unpaid invoices from 1 week post due date.

Community Appointments

We offer a limited number of community appointments by application.

Product Prices

Available on request. You’re also welcome to place your order through the online Physio Shop.